Is Wear-and-Tear Covered by Auto Insurance?

Is Wear-and-Tear Covered by Auto Insurance?

Is Wear-and-Tear Covered by Auto Insurance?

Does insurance cover wear-and-tear? 

Insurance is intended to cover many potential losses that you would not normally expect to pay for, including events that are sudden and accidental. However, when it comes to your vehicle, there are certain items that will eventually have to be replaced anyway, due to normal wear-and-tear. So, does insurance help to cover the cost?

In general, your car insurance policy doesn’t maintenance for car wear-and-tear or mechanical breakdowns. This is because the costs are to be expected and insurance is meant to cover the unexpected. Insurers define wear and tear as gradual deterioration caused by everyday use. Because insurance is designed to cover unexpected or unforeseen circumstances, wear and tear is usually listed as an exclusion. If your car is still under warranty, however, that contract may have some provisions for vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

Car insurance may not cover rust, tires, and other wear-and-tear items, but comprehensive and collision coverage can help cover physical damage to your vehicle. They can also help pay for damage for accidents and certain natural disasters, as well as vandalism and theft.

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