Top Tips for First-Time Auto Insurance Buyers

Top Tips for First-Time Auto Insurance Buyers

Top Tips for First-Time Auto Insurance Buyers

Useful tips for motorists buying their first auto insurance policy.  

So, you’ve saved up the money and bought yourself your first car. The days of driving your parents’ old vehicle are behind you! But before you take the road to freedom, you will need to secure auto insurance. Not only is it mandatory to be able to drive, but it makes good financial sense.

Finding an insurer that meets your needs while also staying within your budget may seem like a tall order but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to help make the process of finding car insurance for the first time a little less daunting.

Familiarize yourself with insurance terms and practices. Something as simple as looking up common insurance terminology will give you a better understanding of what a policy entails. Although your insurance agent will go over the basics with you, it’s a good idea to get some understanding of what auto insurance is.

Compare quotes. Get estimates from at least three different insurers. Make sure you don’t just compare the premium, but the coverage and limits, too.

Discuss coverage. Review your insurance with your agent so that you understand what you are –  and are not – covered for. This way, you know where gaps are and how to fill them in for full protection.

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