Top Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes

Top Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes

Top Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes

Common causes of electrical fires in the home.

Thousands of fires destroyed homes and property each year. Most homeowners work actively to prevent fires by blowing out candles when they leave a room and tending to the cooker when it is on. However, electrical fires continue to be a real threat for homeowners. Most of these electrical fires can be prevented. Take a look at the common culprits and how you avoid electrical fires.

Faulty Sockets/Appliances

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical plug sockets and dated appliances that have been around for a while. It is better to be safe than sorry – don’t use an appliance with a worn cord, as this could send heat onto combustible surfaces like floors, curtains, and rugs that can start a fire.

Overloaded Circuits

The top signs of overloaded circuits include flickering lights and frequently tripped breakers. Another side effect is heat. The circuit breaker trips to prevent overheating that could cause a fire. Over time, this can damage your wiring and eventually lead to a fire. A licensed electrician can help you in this situation.


The older your home is, the more likely the wiring has aged as well. As we add more technology into our homes, keep up with latest appliances, and plug in a few more cell phone chargers, the old wiring cannot always keep up with the new surge of power. Outdated wiring has a higher chance of heating up quickly, sparking, and catching fire. The best plan of action is to call an electrician if you suspect your wiring is outdated and needs to be replaced.

If you notice any of these top causes of electrical fires in your home, make upgrades as soon as possible. However, if your home still succumbs to fire, you will want to ensure that you have quality insurance to protect you. At Dougherty Insurance, we represent multiple carriers and are able to explore all of the best homeowners insurance options. We want to make sure that you have the coverage you need – it’s our job to help you! Contact us today for unparalleled insurance in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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