This New Year, Resolve to Review Your Insurance

This New Year, Resolve to Review Your Insurance

This New Year, Resolve to Review Your Insurance

Happy New Year! It’s time to review your insurance policies.  

The New Year is here! What are your plans for 2019? Whether you are committed to saving money, losing weight, or generally being a more patient, stress-free person, you may already have a few resolutions in mind. We recommend that you start with a simple and easy task – reviewing your insurance policies. Doing so helps to keep your policies in line with your current needs and budget, and it opens up new possibilities to find discounts and savings. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Update your home inventory. January is the perfect time to update your home inventory because December brings new and wonderful gifts to our door. Think about the past year and write down if you have sold/donated/bought any new items. You will want to update your home inventory to reflect what is in your possession now so that these items have coverage should the worst happen.

Assess car policies. Does your vehicle coverage accurately reflect your car’s value? As vehicles age, you may want to reduce coverage. Additionally, you may need to update your primary and occasional drivers if these situations have changed.

Check for savings. A call to your insurance agent could be worthwhile, especially if it will land you some savings. Check for new programs, multiline discounts, and changes in policy requirements.

Whatever changes you’ve experienced in the past year, your insurance agent can help to ensure your policies suit your needs.. At Dougherty Insurance, we can help. Contact us today for unparalleled insurance in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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