Snacking Tricks for Your Next Summer Road Trip

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Snacking Tricks for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Eat smart with these tricks for your summer road trip. 

The season of summer road trips is here! Whether you’re traveling to another state or the next city, road tripping is one of America’s much-loved ways to travel. Before you pack up the car for your summer adventure, be sure to consider these smart snacking tips. We all know that a fun road trip can quickly turn sour when passengers and the driver get hungry!

Keep snacks handy

It’s not always obvious when hunger will strike, but you can avoid it by keeping a supply of non-perishable goodies in your vehicle. Granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit are great ways to keep hunger at bay.

Pack fresh

No one likes to spend a small fortune on restaurants while on a road trip. Luckily, you can bypass extensive cafes that cash in on motorists. Keep a stock of fresh fruit in the vehicle for your trip. Hardy choices like apples, oranges, and bananas can last a few days and are great for snacking on throughout the journey. Berries, plums, and peaches can be stored in a glass container.

Eat healthily

On the road, it’s easy to swing by a fast food restaurant and fill up on unhealthy and processed food. However, this won’t be any good for your health. While you’re traveling, you want to ensure your immune system is working its best to keep sickness at bay. Jarred salads are a great way to feel full and keep your nutrition on point while on the road. For a complete meal, add cooked quinoa, toasted bread cubes, chickpeas, or beans.

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