Common Worker’s Compensation Myths

Myths about Workers Compensation

Common Worker’s Compensation Myths

Common myths about worker’s compensation can prevent people from seeking the compensation they deserve. It’s important that you understand how worker’s compensation insurance works before you get injured. Talk to your insurance agent to clear up any myths or misunderstandings you may have. If a work-related accident occurs, you and your family need to be prepared. Here are a few common worker’s compensation myths.

Only Medical Expenses Are Covered

One of the biggest misconceptions is that only your medical expenses are covered under worker’s compensation. That isn’t true! If you are forced to take time off of work due to your injury, you are entitled to the wages you lost. If your injury prevents you from returning to the same job you had in the past, your compensation benefits will also be used to cover job rehabilitation and training.

Office Employees Aren’t Eligible

Office employees are just as eligible as other workers within the company. While members of upper management are less likely to be covered by the same type of policy, individuals who work in the office are still able to collect worker’s compensation benefits. It’s important to remember that physical injuries are not the only type of health concerns that are covered under worker’s compensation insurance.

Only Injuries Received While on the Job Are Covered

Contrary to what many believe, you do not have to be working at the time of your injury to collect worker’s compensation benefits. If you are on company property and are injured or are performing a work-related task, whether on the clock or not, you are eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. This is especially true if you are traveling for work.

My Employer Has to Agree with My Claim

In many cases, employers do not agree with the claim filed by an employee for worker’s compensation benefits. This is why worker’s compensation cases go in front of a review board. Cases are reviewed by mediators and judges to ensure that both sides are treated fairly and that the injured employee gets the compensation they deserve. It also ensures that the company is not taken advantage of.

I Have to Pay for a Lawyer Up Front

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not have to pay for an attorney upfront if you file a worker’s compensation claim. If you hire an attorney for this type of case, most will take the job in return for a percentage of what you receive from your employer. Your attorney will only get paid if they win your case. You will receive the majority of your payout and your attorney will receive their percentage once the court renders its decision and your employer pays you.

Don’t let the myths and misconceptions about worker’s compensation prevent you from getting the help you need. When you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Contact Dougherty Insurance and speak with Kevin or Marci.  We have all of the information you will need to ensure that you are financially secure and protected from loss on almost every level.

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