Life Insurance: Your Health Matters More Than You Think

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Life Insurance: Your Health Matters More Than You Think

Securing life insurance coverage can protect you and your family.

Life insurance is not difficult to buy if you are a healthy person, especially if you’re young, too. Life insurance for someone who isn’t so healthy and a little older may be more challenging, but securing a great policy isn’t impossible. Your overall health status will play a significant role in the type, amount, and cost of your coverage.

Keep Your Condition in Control

If you do have a medical condition, then it’s important to keep your health in check as best you can. If you have any of the following, you may need to work a little harder to obtain a policy:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease

If you work with a medical professional to keep these conditions under control, then obtaining the right life insurance is entirely possible.

Improve Your Health

Bettering your health will save you money on your insurance premiums. Before approval of your life insurance application, the insurance company will require you to take a physical exam. Here, the insurer will gain more insight into your overall health. These results will impact how much your insurance will cost. A few ways to improve your health is to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep every night
  • Reduce stress
  • Cut down on meat consumption
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a healthy diet

When it comes to life insurance, your health matters. When you need help securing a life insurance policy is best for you and your family’s needs, get in touch with industry professionals. Contact Kevin or Marci to get started on securing the right life insurance today!

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