How Do Seatbelt Tickets Impact My Auto Insurance?

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How Do Seatbelt Tickets Impact My Auto Insurance?

Learn how receiving a seatbelt ticket can impact the price you pay for auto insurance.  

Getting a ticket is no fun. When you see the blue sirens in your rear-view mirror, you may already be dreading the cost of the ticket – never mind how much your auto insurance will jump up because of it. While you may have seen the ‘Click it or Ticket’ initiative, have you ever wondered if what would happen if you’re on the receiving end of a seatbelt ticket? Here’s what you should know.

A seatbelt ticket is a conditional violation. This means that you won’t get pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, but if you get pulled over for something else (e.g. speeding) and the officer notices that your seatbelt isn’t fastened, you may get a seatbelt ticket on top of your speeding ticket. As most of us know, when we receive a speeding ticket, our insurance will often jump up since we are seen as riskier drivers.

Keep in mind that not all tickets are treated equally. For example, a ticket for reckless driving will be more expensive and will raise car insurance premiums significantly more than a failure to yield ticket. With that said, a seatbelt ticket can impact your auto insurance premiums. Generally, if you receive a seatbelt ticket, your insurance will increase by around three percent.

However, different insurers may treat seatbelt tickets differently. If it is your first offense and you have an otherwise clean record, your insurer may be willing to forgive your ticket and keep your premiums as is. However, they could also see you as more of a liability, which causes your premiums to jump up.

Whatever the case, you’re likely to find out when your policy is up for renewal. At that point, talk to your insurer about how best to keep your premiums low without sacrificing coverage.

Check out a few seatbelt statistics that you should note!

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