End-of-Life Documents and Why You Need Them

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End-of-Life Documents and Why You Need Them

It’s never pleasant to think about our own death, but if we want to leave our loved ones in the best position possible, it’s important to do some forward-thinking. Preparing some end-of-life documents helps your family to follow your wishes and handle your passing with as little hassle as possible.


A durable power of attorney

If you are ever involved in an accident or taken down with an illness, you want someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf. This document appoints another person to transact business, legal, and financial matters for you until you die, helping to keep alleviate stress and pressure.


Advance care directives or a living will

If you cannot communicate your wishes to a doctor, this document will be passed on to ensure that all your final decisions about health care are met. Essentially, they are instructions for your doctor.


Life insurance

A life insurance policy is there to provide for your family when you are no longer able to do so. Ensure the beneficiaries know who they are and how to claim on life insurance when the worst happens. This coverage helps to cover funeral expenses, remaining debt, daily living expenses, and much more for your family.


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