Email Security Tips for Small Businesses


Email Security Tips for Small Businesses

Emails are essential in business, both for communicating with your team and vendors, as well as your clients and potential consumer base. Yet, many businesses don’t adequately take the time to protect their businesses – and their clients – from harmful emails. In this digital age, email hacking and harmful cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent. To protect your business from email threats, take a look at these tips.

Use strong passwords

Most people already know that they can’t use Password123 as their password anymore. While many email providers require that your password meet certain minimum requirements, it’s good practice to get used to creating long and complicated passwords. Change them seasonally and remind your team not to write them down.

Set up 2-factor authentication

Secure your company email by setting up 2-factor authentication that will require users to verify their identity before gaining access. A code will be sent to a separate device for you to input to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Having this extra layer of security means that even if a hacker found your password, he or she would have trouble gaining access to your account.

Encrypt sensitive information

If you send sensitive information via email, it’s a good idea to encrypt it to protect both your business and clients. Encrypting something means that you disguise the information so that hackers can’t read it. There are many free encryption apps you can use that make it a snap.

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