Clean Driving Record: What You Should Know

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Clean Driving Record: What You Should Know

Do you know what a clean driving record looks like and how to maintain one? 

We all know that a spotless driving record can do wonders for us on and off the road. It helps our credit score, shows employers we are responsible motorists, and is one of the best ways to get cheap car insurance. Yet, many of us are confused as to what a clean driving record looks like. Does the speeding ticket three years ago still show up? Is the record blotted because of an accident that wasn’t your fault? Here’s what you should now.

Generally speaking, a clean driving record is one that is free of any accidents, moving violations and points. However, employers and auto insurers may have differing definitions of this rule. For example, an insurer might only argue that you have a clean driving record if you have no claims. Employers may overlook minor violations, such as a speeding ticket from many years ago.

In most cases, your employer or insurance company will be able to pull a driving record that goes back 7 to 10 years. This driving record will list every minor or major violation over that time period. Whether it’s a speeding ticket or an incident where you were caught driving without insurance, it will appear on your report. Keep in mind that serious violations, such as a hit and run or DUI, will often remain on your record for 10 years.

If you require a clean driving record for employment, then you may need to contact your DMV to remove points from your record. If this is possible, the points will be removed but the incident that caused the points will remain.

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