Can I Stay on My Parents’ Car Insurance If I Move Out?

Can I Stay on My Parents’ Car Insurance If I Move Out?

Can I Stay on My Parents’ Car Insurance If I Move Out?

Understand when you should secure an auto insurance policy of your own.  

Most young people decide to get their own car insurance policy when they have their own car, move out, or generally want independence. Typically, you are supposed to get your own policy when you move out of the family home, assuming that you aren’t away at college. However, some insurance agencies have greater flexibility or acceptable of young adults staying on their parents’ plans.

Car insurance is sold per household. This means that if you move out and change addresses to your parents, you should acquire your own policy. Once you move out, you may not be covered under your parent’s policy. However, there are caveats. If you’re considered a dependent, you can stay on your parents’ insurance policy. Usually, you’re a dependent if you:

  • Attend college and live at home or at least part-time
  • Drive a car that your parents own and insure

You may be tempted but, no, it’s not a good idea to pretend that you still live with your parents. It’s likely that your auto insurance company will find out and then, should you need to file a claim, they will have grounds for denying your claim or canceling coverage altogether.

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