7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe at All Times

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7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe at All Times

Pets give a sense of comfort and help ease loneliness and anxiety. Whether you have dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or any other type of pet, keeping them healthy and safe requires a lot of work and commitment. Getting a pet is almost like having a child around. Some precautions must be put in place to make sure that your pets are safe, healthy, and happy.

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

1. Do not leave hazardous objects lying around

Pets like dogs and cats tend to chew on anything they find lying about. Be conscious of things you leave around the house or in your car. Remove all sharp and pointy objects from the floor or from parts of the house or car that are easily accessible to pets.

2. Make your outdoor pet-friendly

Pets enjoy playing outdoors in the garden or near the house. Make sure to check and fumigate for pests or insects in the garden. Insecticides and fertilizers should also be kept away from the reach of your pets. The garden must be safe for them to play in.

3. Keep your windows closed while driving with your pet

While driving in your car with your pets, keep your windows closed, especially if you have a small-sized pet or a bird. Letting your pet stick their head outside the window can be dangerous too, as they can either get hit or fall out of the car.

4. Ensure proper ventilation

Make sure your house is properly ventilated. Pets get uncomfortable when it’s too cold, too hot, or too stuffy. Birds can die quite easily from improper ventilation. To avoid suffocation and death, make sure your car and house are properly ventilated for your pets to breathe.

5. Keep your pet well-fed and hydrated

Whether it’s in the house or the car, pets must always be properly fed and hydrated. A poor diet can cause malnourishment, which can lead to sickness. Water is as important in their diet as it is for humans. Keep them away from foods that might harm them, such as chocolate, garlic, and onions.

6. Be careful while cleaning your home or car

While cleaning your home or your car, keep your pets away from the slippery areas, the cleaning supplies, detergent, bleach, and other chemicals used while washing and cleaning. Once you are done washing, make sure to remove all soap, cleaners, and wipes used.

7. Get an animal sitter

When you have to be away from home for a while, get an animal sitter who will make sure that your pet is well-fed and kept away from anything that could harm or injure them.

As a pet owner, you must thoughtfully consider your actions and their potential effects on your pets. Remember that pets are like children; they like to play, jump around, chew on things and are curious about almost everything. If you’re looking for reliable insurance, call Kevin or Marci at Kevin S Dougherty Insurance today! We offer quality insurance for homeowners and business owners across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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