Unveiling the Truth from Common Auto Insurance Myths

Common Auto Insurance Myths

Unveiling the Truth from Common Auto Insurance Myths

There are several misconceptions about auto insurance revolving around the internet, from how much it costs to what it covers and what happens when someone else driving your car causes an accident. For every prospective buyer, it is crucial to have a proper understanding of the policy. That is why we have debunked common auto insurance myths to expose the truth, helping you make an informed decision concerning the coverages you may need.

Myth 1 – Traffic Accidents Increase Your Premiums

Though you are laid charges for a traffic accident, your premiums will change only if you are found fully or partially liable for the accident.

Myth 2 – Reporting a Claim Will Increase Your Rates

Generally, filing a claim won’t impact your premiums, especially if you have a clean driving record or you are not at fault. However, claims with legal involvement, physical injuries, and environmental losses may impact your rates depending on your fault.

Myth 3 – Auto Insurance Won’t Cover Negligence-Caused Vehicle Thefts

Whether your car is stolen because of leaving the keys inside or not properly locking the doors, it will be covered by auto insurance under comprehensive coverage. However, your belongings stored in your car won’t be covered under auto insurance.

Myth 4 – Your Car’s Doors Are the One Major Factor Influencing Your Insurance Rates

Your insurance provider will consider several other factors while calculating your insurance rates, including claims history, driving record, the possibility of theft and vandalism, etc.

Myth 5 – Surplus Parking Tickets Will Raise Your Premiums

Parking tickets will not at all be considered when determining your car insurance premiums.

Myth 6 – You Won’t Be Covered If Your Car Is Stolen and the Person Responsible Gets Into an Accident

As per law, car owners are not responsible for accidents caused by someone else driving the vehicle without any explicit permission. However, in some circumstances, permissions are applied though they are not given. Claims representatives will thoroughly investigate every case and situation to ensure your auto insurance is properly used.

Myth 7 – Insuring Red Cars Is Expensive

The color of the car does not matter. Your auto insurance cost is only based on factors such as your car’s make, age, model, condition, repair/replacement costs, price, safety, etc.

Myth 8 – You Are Liable If Someone Borrows Your Car and Causes an Accident

If you have permitted the person to drive your car, your policy will kick in to cover the losses. If your policy remains insufficient to fully cover the losses, the at-fault person’s policy may cover the differences.

Now, you are clear about which are myths and which are facts, so you can choose the right yet cost-effective auto insurance coverage for you.

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