Tips to Save Money on Last Minute Vacations

Tips to Save Money on Last Minute Vacations

Tips to Save Money on Last Minute Vacations

Money-saving tips for last minute travel.  

Do you need to book a last-minute vacation? Whether you are craving the sun or the slope’s conditions are perfect, an impulsive vacation may be on the cards. By booking last-minute, you may face some higher charges than you would by booking weeks in advance. Even so, there are a few ways to save big on your next last-minute travel plans.

Fly Mid-Week

If possible, avoid flying over the weekend when the costs will undoubtedly be higher. People want to get away for the weekend so flights from a Friday to a Sunday are the most expensive. However, flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest.

Take the Train

In general, taking the train to your destination will be cheaper than flying. It may add a couple (or a few!) hours onto the journey, but you could save big. Plus, there’s bound to be a lot of scenery from the train window, too.

Call the Hotel

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and negotiate a price with the hotel. Many hotels will want your business and may be flexible on the price of a booking, especially if you find a competitor’s price for cheaper.

Use Travel Apps

HotelTonight, Hopper, and Fareness can help customers save on last-minute planning in select cities around the world. As a general rule of thumb, look around for cheaper flights, whether it’s on an app or flight-comparison site.

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