Taking the Next Step With Your Partner: Getting Joint Car Insurance

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Taking the Next Step With Your Partner: Getting Joint Car Insurance

Take the next step with your partner by getting joint auto insurance.


If you and your partner are financially and mentally ready to be more involved, then getting joint car insurance is a great way to go. A joint car insurance policy, or a couple’s policy, means having both drivers’ cars included in the same policy. Combining policies is typically cheaper than getting two separate ones for each car – although, that’s not always the case.


A couple’s car insurance policy, in the form of one policy with two insured cars, is often cheaper to get coverage than separate policies because of multi-vehicle discounts and a potential marriage discount. Be sure to shop around to make sure you get a great deal.


Many insurance providers will allow a couple living together under the same roof to combine their insurance policies even if they are not married. Not every insurer offers this solution, so be sure to shop around to find an insurer who can help.


There are times when combining policies does not make financial sense. Generally, if one driver presents a high risk to insure, it could negatively impact overall finances when combining policies, meaning it is cheaper to stick to separate policies. If your partner has a bad driving record, poor credit score, or has a history of filing insurance claims, you may find it is better to keep policies separate.


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