Prevent Home Insurance Claims by Spring Cleaning

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Prevent Home Insurance Claims by Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning maintenance tips for the home.

Amazingly, it’s already spring and a lot of people are already doing their annual spring clean around the house. We wanted to share a few spring cleaning tips that can not only help to stand your property in good stead but also prevent costly homeowners insurance claims.

Clean out the gutters and downspouts. Water claims make up a significant number of homeowners insurance claims, and many can be avoided by keeping the gutters and downspouts cleaned, free for water to flow. Remember to direct downspouts away from the property’s foundation, too.

Clean or replace your dryer vents. A shockingly high number of home fires are started by dryer lint – something so small, flammable, yet easy to take care of. Make sure to take some time to clean out the dryer vent, replacing it with a new one if needed.

Change your smoke and CO2 batteries. The warning provided by detectors can save your life and possibly mitigate the amount of damage done in a fire.

Check the caulking. The freezing and thawing of winter can be hard on caulking. Check the existing caulking around the windows and doors. If it is dry, flaking, or peeling, be sure to take it off and apply new caulk.

Easy of these tasks only take a few moments, but they can prevent nasty homeowners claim down the road.

Make sure that you have the right home insurance to fall back on if the worst does occur. When you’re looking for reliable home coverage, visit the team at Doughtery Insurance. We offer quality home insurance across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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