Preparing Your Garden for Spring

a spring garden

Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Get Your Yard Ready for Spring


Spring is right around the corner. If you’ve been neglecting your yard since the start of winter, now is the time to get excited about the new season ahead. To help you prepare your garden for spring, take a look at these tips.


Do a bit of spring cleaning

Once winter is over, you’ll see just how much cleaning you need to do in your garden. Remove any dead annual plants you see, especially those that remained over winter. Brush back any thick layers of dried leaves, leaving just a few to help keep weeds down and feed your garden soil as well.


Prune shrubs

During late winter or early spring, you need to trim back any tattered foliage to encourage growth. Early spring is the best time to prune your shrubs, except for spring-blooming ones.


Check the tools in the shed

It saves you a lot of money in the long run if you keep your garden tools in good shape. Inspect them before the onset of spring to see if any of them need a good clean or replacing. Pruning clippers should be cleaned and oiled after every use. Chainsaws should be sharpened regularly.


Fix what the weather broke

If winter weather hit your garden, it’s best to assess the damage first before making any changes for spring. Is there a diseased or dead tree that should be removed? Are your fences still intact? Did any part of your shed break? If your garden has extensive damage or fallen victim to theft, rely on your home insurance.


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