Mental Health Tips for Getting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Mental Health Tips for Getting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips for handling coronavirus and your mental health.


It’s hard to imagine a more difficult start to the beginning of the year. The coronavirus has ripped through the world, disrupting people’s lives, communities, and businesses. The outbreak of the coronavirus is unprecedented in that the advice to self-isolate and distance ourselves from others is the exact opposite of what we as human beings want to do in times of crisis. Whether you are social distancing or self-isolating, here are some tips for minding your mental health during the pandemic.


Stay connected

Advancements in technology have made it possible for us to connect with our loved ones and co-workers through calls, texts, emails, and video calls. Use this time to get in contact with people. Check in on those more vulnerable and try to connect with people who you haven’t heard from in a while.


Limit social media

Too much news can negatively impact our mental health. Choose one or two trusted sources (CDC or WHO, for example) and check their updates only a couple of times during the day. Seeing too much news – especially if it isn’t correct – can make you feel overwhelmed and confused.


Maintain healthy sleep habits

The negative impact of sleep disruption on the mood is well-established. Without having the structure of getting to school or the workplace, it can be easy to fall into a sleeping pattern of going to bed later and getting up later. If the uncertainty of the current situation is causing you to lose sleep, talk about your worries with others rather than ruminating on them alone.


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