Life Insurance with High Cholesterol

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Life Insurance with High Cholesterol

Can I get life insurance when I have high cholesterol?  

Although no one wants to think about anything tragic every happening to them, the reality is that we never know what is around the corner. Since you can’t predict the future, it’s wise to always be prepared for the worst. One of the best ways of doing this and protecting your family is to purchase life insurance.

When you apply for life insurance, the insurer will look at your finances, health, age, hobbies, and more to determine your type of policy, amount of coverage, and the cost of that coverage. If you have health problems, such as high cholesterol, then you may be worried about getting declined for insurance or having to pay a fortune for your policy. Fortunately, insurers are becoming more willing to allow those with high cholesterol to obtain a high quality and affordable policy.

In America, high cholesterol is quite common. Diet and exercise are the most significant factors when it comes to keeping cholesterol in check, and doctors may prescribe some medication to sustain a healthy level. Even so, life insurers may see cholesterol as particularly risky. High cholesterol can be a leading indicator for some of the more risky diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

When you’re looking for affordable life insurance with cholesterol, remember to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep before the medical exam. If the doctor has prescribed you medication, take it as necessary. You can’t guarantee your cholesterol levels will be perfect for the exam, but it can help. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you lock in a low rate. Be sure to cut out any tobacco that you’re using, reduce alcohol consumption, and eat a healthy diet. Another great way to ensure you’re getting the lowest premiums is to compare dozens of companies. You can get varying rates depending on the company that you get the quote from.

If you need help securing a life insurance policy is best for your health and needs, get in touch with industry professionals. Contact Kevin or Marci to get started on securing the right life insurance today!

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