Lesser-Known Fire Safety Hazards Around the Home

Lesser-Known Fire Safety Hazards Around the Home

Lesser-Known Fire Safety Hazards Around the Home

Hidden Fire Hazards in Your Home

Many of us know the basics of home fire safety. We don’t smoke in bed (or smoke at all), we don’t leave the stove or candles unattended, and we try not to overload sockets. All of these habits make for fire safe house, right? That’s a common misconception. Unfortunately, there are many hidden fire hazards can lurk in people’s property. To keep your house and belongings safe, check out these tips.


If dust collects near electrical sockets and floor heaters, just one spark can ignite a fire. Be sure to sweep or vacuum your floors regularly to prevent build-up. Pay close attention to hard to reach areas, such as behind doors and around entertainment systems.

Clothes Dryers

Cleaning the lint trap should be part of your regular laundry routine. If this is neglected, lint can build up in your dryer duct with every load of laundry. If you’ve left it too long, you may need to call out a professional to inspect and clean your dryer to help eliminate a fire hazard.


Paper towels, utensil holders, and recipe cards may be helpful in the kitchen but many forget that they are extremely flammable. Be sure to keep a 3-foot clear zone between combustible materials and burners.


When sunlight passes through some kinds of glassware, the concentrated ray can ignite flammable materials such as stacks of papers. Play it safe by moving all glass accessories, such as vases away from windows.


Nine-volt batteries, which power smoke detectors, are designed with both posts on the top. Bits of metal, including other batteries and loose change, can create a bridge between the posts that causes a heat-creating charge. To prevent this, keep unused batteries in their original packaging and cover the posts of expired batteries with black electrical tape before properly disposing of them.

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