Has Your Life Insurance Been Denied? Perhaps These Could Be the Reasons

Life insurance denied

Has Your Life Insurance Been Denied? Perhaps These Could Be the Reasons

Everyone wishing to run their business or provide financial stability to their dependents even after their unfortunate death should buy a life insurance policy. However, before buying, you must find out whether you are eligible to get the coverage or is there anything that could deny coverage to you. Knowing this will help you seek options to improve your chances of approval.

Reasons That May Deny You a Life Insurance Policy

Your life insurance policy might be denied due to following reasons:

Physical Health

Life insurance providers usually consider your physical health. If you have high cholesterol, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses, they may deny coverage.

Mental Health

You may be denied life insurance if you have a history of mental health issues, including anxiety, self-harm, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).


It is good to buy life insurance coverage when you are young (within 30 years). As you get older, providers may consider you a risky customer.

Financial Reasons

Insurers will review your credit report to determine if you have any outstanding debts or bankruptcies. They will also consider your monthly income to ensure whether you can afford coverage. The coverage may be denied if your financial status is weak.

Lifestyle Choices

If you involve in risky or unhealthy habits like smoking, skydiving, race car driving, and mountain climbing, you may be denied coverage or might need to pay increased premiums.

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record means you engage in a high-risk lifestyle, so the coverage may be denied. If you are currently being charged with a crime, you will not be able to buy a policy until the charges are investigated in court or dismissed. Also, you cannot apply for the policy if you are in jail or on probation.


Life insurance coverage may be refused for high-risk professionals, such as pilots, fishers, truck drivers, police officers, loggers, farmers, garbage collectors, construction laborers, and roofers.

Driving Record

A bad driving record or reckless driving habits may increase your risk of accident, leading to disability or death, so you may be denied coverage or might need to pay higher rates.

So, working on these reasons to lower your risks will help increase your chances of being approved.

How to Get Life Insurance Policy Even After Being Denied Because of the Reasons mentioned above

If you are denied coverage despite your effort to lower your risks, consider the following alternatives:

Workplace Life Insurance

Many employers offer occupational life insurance policies to workers. Therefore, check with your employer whether they offer such policies.

Check with Other Providers

If one provider denies you, a policy does not mean that other providers will also deny it. Some providers may be willing to offer you a policy at a high cost or with some conditions. Therefore, check with different providers.

Consider Other Policies

  • Mortgage Life Insurance – Covers your mortgage balance after your death.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – Offers you a payout of up to $50,000.

Secure Your Family and Investments with Us

A life insurance policy is crucial to cover your lost income, provide financial assistance to your beneficiaries, and pay off your debts. Contact Kevin or Marci at Kevin S. Dougherty Insurance today to buy a customized life insurance policy. Our policy will ensure your loved ones are financially protected in your absence.

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