Getting Insurance Coverage for Broken Pipes as a Homeowner

Insurance Coverage for Broken Pipes

Getting Insurance Coverage for Broken Pipes as a Homeowner

When it comes to damaged or busted pipes, it is something a lot of homeowners deal or are dealing with, and while the answer to the question, “Does insurance cover broken pipes for homeowners?” is guaranteed to be answered, it is important that you still check with your individual insurance company to know your specific coverage.

Insurance Cover for Broken Pipes

Homeowners insurance does in fact cover damage from busted pipes and this protection is usually two-fold.

The first one is that insurers commonly cover damage that’s caused by burst or ruptured pipe explicitly. Secondly, many policies reference power failures to say that as long as an offsite failure results in covered damages to property, the insurer will cover the loss. For example, water would be a covered condition, if it caused the pipes to burst.

However, coverage for water damage caused by drain seepage or a sink backup is explicitly excluded by most providers without an endorsement or add-on for this type of damage. Adjustment of an endorsement based on how much property you have can be made. For example, if you have properties worth ten or twenty thousand dollars you suspect may be in danger, you could adjust for that, so you don’t have to pay more than you need to.

Coverage for Flooding and Collapsed Roof

A regular homeowners or renters insurance policy will not cover damage from flood water, including excess groundwater. Instead, you will need a separate flood insurance policy to claim damage on the effects of something like melting snow discharging back into the home.

For a collapsed roof, on the other hand, you do not need to worry about coverage, as homeowners insurance does cover accidents if a policyholder’s roof collapses. Still, an insurer may deny a claim if the homeowner knew about the structural decay or damage in the home before the collapse happened. For example, if the homeowner was putting off the repairs of a leaky roof or a defect that they may otherwise find a way to live with, a policyholder might have a harder time if this was to happen.

Coverage for Renters

Adequate coverage for renters all comes down to whether or not you have renter’s insurance.

While renters are not responsible for covering the cost of repairing busted pipes in the ceiling with the possession of renter’s insurance, it is highly recommended that they report it to the management in writing as quickly as possible. However, those who do not have renter’s insurance may qualify for assistance from The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or local charities.

If you have insurance and are applying for disaster assistance, you must also file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Contact Kevin or Marci at Dougherty Insurance. We have the answers to important insurance questions that will allow you to make the right decision when it comes to coverage for broken pipes as a homeowner. Take the time to make the call today!

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