Fall Home Maintenance to Avoid Insurance Claims

Fall Home Maintenance to Avoid Insurance Claims

Fall Home Maintenance to Avoid Insurance Claims

Avoid costly homeowners insurance claims with a few home maintenance tasks.

You may only associate home maintenance with spring, alongside deep cleaning. However, all homeowners will understand that maintaining a property is no small fete. Preparing your home for the cooler months ahead is just as important as spring cleaning. To potentially avoid home insurance claims in the future, take a look at these must-do maintenance tasks.

  • Seal up drafts

Keep the warm air in and cold air out! Inspect windows and doors, and caulk any gaps that may be letting air in or out. By keeping your property draft-free, you can prevent your furnace from working overtime and potentially breaking down or wearing out.

  • Tend to the yard

Now that summer has come and gone, it’s time to tidy up your yard. Store BBQs, patio furniture, toys, and more inside. While you’re at it, prune back trees and shrubs, taking special care to get rid of dead and dying branches. These tasks help to eliminate the possibility of items being flying debris in a wind storm.

  • Clear out the gutter

Remove leaves dirt and debris from the gutter to prevent water blockages and flooding. While you are safely on the ladder check the health and condition of your roof and ensure there are no slates missing. Call out a professional if your roof is in need of repair.

  • Prevent night-time theft

The evenings are drawing in which means that thieves have more opportunity to inspect your property under the cover of darkness. Prevent potential robberies by installing motion sensor lights, trimming back bushes that thieves could hide in, and keeping valuable items out of sight from the street.

  • Review your homeowners insurance

Your homeowners insurance is designed to protect your property and belongings in the event of a disaster of theft. Review your current policy with your insurer to ensure you have optimum coverage for fall and beyond.

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