Do High-Risk Jobs Create Trouble Getting Life Insurance?

Life insurance for high risk jobs

Do High-Risk Jobs Create Trouble Getting Life Insurance?

Certain occupations involve high risks, sometimes making it difficult to get the right life insurance plan. Insurers favor low-risk clients for all types of coverages, especially life insurance. Engaging in an activity regularly that can cause death or injury puts you in a vulnerable position when it comes to seeking life insurance.

Here are some jobs that raise the cost of life insurance due to higher risks.

Fisherman and Hunters

Hanging out in remote wilderness areas with water systems is one of the deadliest occupations. Fishing on the shore of an ocean, river, or lake can put someone in danger if hunting involves gunfire.

Timber Loggers

Loggers deal with heavy-duty machinery that can cause serious injuries. Working with heavy materials and large machines is hazardous, and moving machines on inferior roads present extra hazards.

Pilots and Flight Engineers

Whether you’re a commercial or private pilot, you are putting your and others’ lives at risk during aircraft disasters.

Roofing Contractors

Roofers have an increased risk of falling off a roof, which can be fatal or cause serious injuries. Sloped roofs particularly create risks of slipping and sliding. Even roofing experts who wear safety gear can still get injured on the job.

Construction Work

Various dangerous tasks are involved with construction work. The leading cause of construction work-related deaths is falling. Other risks involve working around electric machinery and hazardous materials.

Recycling Collectors

Drivers of trucks for trash and recycling collection run the risk of hitting and being hit by other vehicles. These accidents can occur in any type of weather or visibility.

Auto and Truck Drivers

Transportation incidents are considered the leading cause of workplace death in the US. Not just truck drivers of big rigs are at risk, as even salespersons who use their cars to meet clients are part of the death toll. Drivers who drive frequently are at higher risk of getting injured or causing injuries.

Iron and Steel Workers

Working with tall oversized structures and cranes presents multiple risks. If the crane isn’t operated correctly, it can tip over and cause fatal injury. Using machinery to cut iron and steel is often performed at high elevations, creating the risk of falling.

Agricultural Professionals

Farms and ranches typically use heavy-duty machinery to manage livestock and crops. Transportation-related accidents are a leading cause of death in the agricultural field, particularly involving tractors or trucks.

Maintenance Workers

Engaging in maintenance work often involves using large machines or working at heights that present risks of falling. Maintenance workers may also be exposed to dangerous chemicals or high-voltage machinery.

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