Coverage for Cracked Windshields on Car Insurance Policy

Coverage for Cracked Windshields on Car Insurance Policy

Coverage for Cracked Windshields on Car Insurance Policy

Accidents are bound to happen whether you want them to or not, and while they might not be life-threatening ones, they can easily cause damage to your properties, especially your car.

For example, you could have your car parked or be driving along the highway when a tree branch or a piece of debris hits your car and causes the windshield to shatter or sport a crack. So, whether you need to replace it entirely or simply repair it, the question is, ‘will your car insurance be able to cover the damage?’

Do You Need to Repair or Replace?

Several factors dictate whether you should repair or replace your windshield, all of which need to be considered before taking the next step.

For instance, you might need to repair your windshield if the crack is six inches or smaller, there are three or fewer chips in the glass, and/or the damage is not in front of a camera or a sensor. Whereas you might need to replace the windshield if the crack is six inches or larger, there are multiple chips in the glass, or the damage is in your line of sight.

Coverages for Windshield Damage

There are two types of car insurance coverages to consider if you wish to either repair or replace your damaged windshield, and they are:

    1. Comprehensive Coverage: This type of coverage pays for the cost of either repairing or replacing your damaged windshield in the event that the damage was not caused by a car accident but by a rock hitting it or an act of vandalism.

    2. Collision Coverage: You might have to add this coverage to your car insurance policy as it might not originally come with it, and it covers your damaged windshield if it was due to a car accident. Collision coverages also have separate deductibles, unlike comprehensive coverage in which you might not need to pay the deductible after filing your claim, depending on the state you reside in.

You have to make sure that the car insurance coverages you get are most suitable to your situation and not just the ones you do not need. You can also contact your insurance agent or company for more information on car insurance coverage. Call Kevin or Marci at Kevin S. Dougherty Insurance Agency, LTD to get the answers you need. We will explain each type of policy to know exactly what coverage you have and what amounts you need to be financially secure. Contact us today to learn more!

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