Commonly Stolen Home Possessions

Commonly Stolen Home Possessions

Commonly Stolen Home Possessions

Items That Burglars Love to Steal 

According to the FBI, the average burglary is completed in just 8-12 minutes. Time is of the essence if you don’t want to get caught in the act! This means that burglars usually have a fine-tuned priority list when it comes to looking for valuables. When a thief breaks into your home, he or she is looking for items of high-value that can be sold or used seamlessly. Here are a few of the top items they look out for.


It’s no surprise that the number one thing a thief hopes to find is a stash of cash. It’s untraceable, doesn’t need to be sold, and can be slipped easily into the bad guy’s pocket. Be sure that you don’t leave spare cash lying around and stash your wallet in an unusual hiding place before going to bed.


Jewelry is easy to remove from your home and one of the most sought-after items on a burglar’s hit list. Many stores now buy gold, silver, and precious stones on the spot, so it’s never been easier for a thief to turn your prized piece into cash. If you have highly valuable jewelry, keep it in a safe deposit box at the bank or in a well-hidden locked box in your home.


Even though TVs and gaming consoles are more conspicuous than cash and jewelry, they continue to be top targets for thieves. Your high-end valuables are often right out in the open, making them an easy access find. The best way to prevent these possessions from getting stolen is to ensure they are placed away from the windows and to close your curtains at night so that people cannot see your electronics. Be sure to record serial numbers and add the items to your home inventory list, too.


Power tools and other building supplies are highly desired by thieves because they are relatively easy to get rid of and can bring in a tidy sum of cash. A locked tool cabinet might be a deterrent, especially if it takes time to break into.

Keeping your items safe is an imperative. Help to protect your belongings by securing reliable homeowners insurance. Contact Kevin or Marci to get started today!

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