Common Homeowners Insurance Claims (And How to Avoid Them)

Common Homeowners Insurance Claims (And How to Avoid Them)

Common Homeowners Insurance Claims (And How to Avoid Them)

Common homeowners insurance claims and proven tips that can help prevent them.  

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover damages that may occur to a home due to an unforeseen disaster or unfortunate peril. Although there may be certain areas of the country that are prone to certain issues, such as snowstorms, hurricanes, or earthquakes, there are common insurance claims that crop up all over the country. Know how to protect your home by taking a look at the top home insurance claims filed.


Having your home broken into can be very traumatic. Your home is full of valuables and sentimental treasures, and losing them can be both a financial and psychological hardship.

Prevention tips:

  • Invest in an alarm system
  • Never leave a key outside (even if it’s in a well-hidden location)
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave the house
  • If you are leaving town for a couple of days, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check in on the property regularly

Natural Disasters

Hail storms, strong winds, and other natural disasters can severely damage your property. The natural disaster is out of our hands, and we can only do our best to minimize damage through:

  • Storing patio furniture and the BBQ inside
  • Making sure the roof (your home’s first line of defense) is in good condition
  • Having supplies on hand to survive the first 72 hours of an emergency


Home fires are some of the most devastating claims. Fires can spark easily and cause significant damage within seconds. Recovering from fire damage can be very difficult, so make sure you take steps to prevent fires at all costs.

Prevention tips:

  • Never leave the stove or oven unattended when in use
  • Take care when heating oil in a pan
  • Place the BBQ outdoors and away from the house, overhanging branches, and nearby fences
  • Avoid the use of plug dividers as this may overload the electrical circuit
  • Ensure all high-energy appliances do not operate at the same time on the same circuit
  • Never leave candles unattended

These tips will help to protect your home against common claims. Homeowners insurance is designed to help you financially should you encounter these situations. Are you ready to secure the right homeowners insurance policy? Contact Kevin or Marci to get started today.

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