Common Baby Seat Mistakes Parents Make

Common Baby Seat Mistakes Parents Make

Common Baby Seat Mistakes Parents Make

September is national baby safety month. Strap your child into the car safely.

As a parent, you do everything to protect your child. From locking away harsh chemicals to buying soft toys, their safety is your priority. Since September is nationally observed as Baby Safety Month we have rounded up a few common mistakes parents make when it comes to car seats. Take a look at how you can protect your baby by avoiding common errors.

  • Failing to buy the right seat

Many parents score a bargain when they buy their child’s car seat second-hand. However, buying an old or used car seat can be potentially dangerous especially if it comes without the original manual and is missing original parts. If you do buy a used car seat, ensure that it is original, has all the right parts, and has not been in an accident.

  • Failing to secure the seat

A car seat requires the right installation, and sometimes this can take up to 15 minutes. Once the seat is installed, it should not be able to move an inch side to side or an inch front and back. A properly installed car seat will not move more than an inch either way. If yours does move around it means your child will not receive the right protection.

  • Having the car seat at the wrong angle

A baby’s head is very heavy in comparison to the rest of the body, which is why the neck should be protected. Installing the car seat at a 45-degree angle helps to minimize impact to the neck during an accident. Failing to install the seat at 45 degrees could put your baby at risk of injury. Most car seats have an indicator or where 45 degrees is located. If your car seat doesn’t, consult the owner’s manual or consider a newer seat.

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