Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Young Driver

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Young Driver

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Young Driver

Putting your teen behind the wheel of a safe vehicle.  

You may have survived teaching your teenager how to drive, and now they’ve passed their test with flying colors. This is an exciting time for parents and teenagers alike! However, every parent understands the risks associated with getting behind the wheel of a car, especially without adult supervision anymore. Picking the right car for a young driver is important and can play a big role in the child’s safety. As such, we’ve compiled some of our top tips on how to choose the right vehicle.

Do Your Research

Typically, a first car should be a used vehicle as it is likely the teen will mark it with a few bumps and scratches while getting used to the roads. Research is key in terms of making sure you’re paying the right price, especially if it is a used car. Once you’ve determined your budget, you’ll want to look for vehicles with a high safety crash rating. You can view the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s test results to get a better idea of how certain vehicles react in a crash.

Choose Your Vehicle

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid fast, sporty cars for teenagers. Powerful engines and speedier vehicles can be tempting for young drivers, as well as being costly to insure. Instead, choose big, heavy cars that provide more protection in the event of an accident.

Avoid Car Modifications

Young drivers should avoid choosing a car that has after-market modifications, such as alloy wheels, body kits, and spoilers. This encourages teens to show off, lowering their focus on the roads and may increase the cost of the vehicle and insurance.

Secure Insurance

While nothing can replace safe driving habits, auto insurance can help parents and teens, too. Ensure that your teenager has reliable, secure car insurance that can help you, your family, your wallet, and vehicle if there is an incident or accident.

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