Buying a Car During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Buying a Car During the COVID-19 Outbreak

What you should know about buying a car during COVID-19.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a difficult and challenging time, but we all know that healthcare workers, essential employees, and volunteers still need a car. If you’re thinking of buying a car during the pandemic, here’s what you need to know.


Can I buy a car now?

There are many dealerships that have launched remote-buying features to help you buy a car without leaving your home in preparation for when dealers can start delivering cars. Businesses will make it clear if you are able to purchase the vehicle 100% remotely. To start, you can begin searching for your next vehicle online. You can’t test-drive a car on the internet, but just about everything else is possible without leaving home. Read reviews, check out the different make, models, and, organize finance.


Is it safe to buy a car?

If you do visit a dealership, practice social distancing. As per the CDC’s guidelines, stay at least six feet away from other people when possible. Wash your hands, do not shake hands with the agents, and avoid going if you’re feeling sick. Experts have found that the coronavirus can live up to several days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, so consider using disinfecting wipes on high-touch areas of your prospective vehicle, such as the steering wheel, gear shift, and seat-belt buckles, as well as all controls and touchscreens.


If you’re shopping for a used car, consider taking a mechanic with you to inspect the car before you buy. However, this introduces one more round of social interaction. Consider waiting a couple of months before shopping for used vehicles.


Once you’ve secured the right vehicle for your needs, take out reliable auto insurance. When you need helping securing the right auto insurance for your budget, contact Kevin or Marci at Kevin S Dougherty Insurance. We offer unparalleled auto insurance in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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