Boat Safety Tips to Help Prevent a Catastrophe

Safety tips to help prevent boat accident

Boat Safety Tips to Help Prevent a Catastrophe

Thousands of citizens go boating every year. Boating is a fun activity that allows you to spend time with your loved ones in a beautiful setting. However, there are several dangers to consider while you’re out on the water. Research shows that accidental deaths occur every year while people are boating. Consider these boat safety tips before you plan your next party at the lake nearby.

  • Grab a Life Jacket

    Research shows that the most common cause of accidental boating deaths is drowning. That’s why wearing a life jacket is an important boat safety tip to remember. Make sure that you’re wearing a life jacket at all times. Wearing a life jacket minimizes the risk of something terrible happening while you’re out on the water.

  • Keep Extra Safety Equipment Nearby

    It’s recommended that you pack safety equipment with you as you head out to the lake. Bringing a first aid kit can help assist with any minor injuries if they occur. Bringing a whistle is also recommended to help communicate during an emergency. Having a cellphone radio is also helpful.

  • Develop Personal Safety Methods

    It’s recommended that you learn how to swim before going boating. Learning how to swim can prevent you from losing your life if you accidentally go overboard. Taking a boating safety class is also recommended so that you have prior knowledge regarding how to handle potential emergencies if they occur. If you’re taking young children out by the lake, make sure that they have been taught how to swim.

  • Use Alcohol Safely

    While you may have some alcohol onboard as part of the festivities, try to take a similar approach that you would if you were driving a car. If you start feeling intoxicated, bring along a designated boat operator. If you’re throwing a boat party during the summer, keep in mind that drinking alcohol may cause you to become dehydrated. Try to drink plenty of water to avoid an injury.

  • Dive Safely

    Diving is a fun part of many boat parties. However, you may suffer a serious injury if you’re driving into an area where there are hidden obstructions below the water. It’s recommended that you jump in feet first to avoid suffering a fatal head or neck injury from underwater objects.

  • Set Up an Itinerary

    If you’re planning a special boat trip, consider setting up an itinerary. Establishing an itinerary can help you stay on track. You can also notify one of your loved ones about the trip so that they can locate you if you get lost.

  • Learn About the Local Surroundings

    Research the lake before heading out. The lake may have unique patterns that you weren’t prepared for. Maybe the water is colder than you expected. It’s recommended that you learn about the environment ahead of time so that you can adapt to the evolving water conditions.

  • Check the Forecast

    It’s important to research the upcoming weather conditions before heading out by the lake. Windy conditions may cause turbulence that could damage your boat or cause you to receive bodily harm. Avoid going out by the water if the upcoming forecast contains a threat of inclement weather. If a thunderstorm is moving in while you’re out on the water, seek shelter immediately.

Consult with KSD Insurance to Cover Your Boat in Case of a Catastrophe

Throwing a boat party allows you to share fun times with your loved ones. Implementing these boat safety tips can prevent a catastrophe from occurring. However, you may need insurance to cover your boat’s damages if you fail to prevent the disaster. Contact Kevin or Merci here at Kevin S. Dougherty Insurance to get the best boat insurance for your needs.

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