Answers to Common Homeowners Insurance Questions

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Answers to Common Homeowners Insurance Questions

Better understand your homeowners insurance policy.

When you’re looking for the right homeowners insurance, you may have a lot of questions. Since insurance isn’t always the simplest to understand, we’ve gathered a few common homeowners insurance questions and our simple answers so that you can better understand your policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft?

It sure does! If a thief takes your belongings, you can fall back on your home insurance to help replace what was lost. What’s more, if the thief broke doors, windows, or caused damage in your home during the crime, home insurance can cover that, too.

Will home insurance cover roof repair?

The answer depends on what caused the roof damage. Home insurance will help repair the roof if it has been damaged in a covered peril, such as a fire, storm, and fallen trees. It will not cover the roof, however, if it needs repairing because of general wear and tear, neglect, infestation, and mold. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to take reasonable steps to protect the home, including the roof.

Does homeowners insurance cover flooding?

While home insurance does cover water damage (such as a burst pipe or a broken dishwasher), generally, standard home insurance policies exclude flooding. Luckily, you are able to purchase a separate flood insurance policy that will protect your belongings and property if a flood were to occur.

How do I value my personal property?

Try to gather receipts for the more expensive belongings where possible. Take photos and videos of your items so that you have a record, and make a list of their serial numbers, identifying features, and value. Your home insurer will be able to then help you find coverage that protects your belongings.

Ensure you work with the right professionals to find the correct coverage for your needs. At Dougherty Insurance, we represent multiple carriers and are able to explore all of the best homeowners insurance options. We want to make sure that you have the coverage you need – it’s our job to help you! Contact us today for unparalleled insurance in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

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